NJ TRAFFIC TICKET LAWYERWhat if you didn't have to get those points on your record? What if you didn't have to pay that fine you weren't counting on? What If you could do away with the stress being pulled over and ticketed caused you? What if you didn't have to lose your license because this ticket is going to put you over the point limit? Or at the very least, what if you could get your points and traffic ticket fines reduced?
It can happen! We know the law...and how the system works inside and out.

Right now, you probably figure that if you got a traffic ticket you'll just have to go to traffic court, play your fine and court cost, and get a certain amount of points on your record.

Hiring the right municipal court attorney with extensive experience handling traffic tickets can make the difference between getting a warning and paying fines or having your driver's license suspended. Our firm has experience in all municipal court matters and throughout New Jersey and are willing to fight for you in court.