Hugh Morley and Blanca Molina

We have known Rafael Figueroa for many years and turned to him when we were seeking to buy a two-family house in North Jersey. The purchase turned out to be a long, and complicated, process with many moving parts and unexpected turns, during which he gave us good counsel and smoothed the negotiation process through. After six months, and numerous issues to resolve, we closed, thanks in large part to his help, and his extensive knowledge of the real estate process.

Vincent Denis

Vincent DenisI needed help with my O1 Visa application, and Mr Figueroa was a great asset in making sure my application was as thorough as could be. His experience with immigration law was invaluable. He was very meticulous, and always answered any queries promptly. His help was key, and I would highly recommend his services.

Luis Lemus

Luis LemusEl abogado Rafael Figueroa lo conozco de hace mucho tiempo y lo recomiendo como un profesional en casos de inmigración y otros casos mas. Hoy gracias a su buen trabajo podre seguir estudiando en este país y podre ejercer la profesión que deseo. El es una persona que muestra seguridad y confianza en su trabajo. El es 100% confiable.

Renata Maj

I am writing this testimonial to let others know everything that attorney Rafael Figueroa has done for me. My sister's husband referred me to Mr. Figueroa because of his experience in similar cases as mine. My case was a difficult one, and I was beginning to feel that my dream to live permanently in the United States was not going to happen. Mr. Figueroa did everything to help me. He treated me in a professional manner, returned calls, answered questions and did prompt responses. I am truly blessed and I highly recommend attorney Figueroa to anyone who is struggling with the immigration process.

Celis Family

Family CelisMy wife and I just moved to NJ from Chicago and a friend recommended Rafael Figueroa as a real estate attorney. He was our advocate during the entire process, communicating well with all parties, answering all our questions and responding quickly to our calls. We love our new home, thanks in great part to the assistance of Mr. Figueroa.

Maria Elena Nuñez

Maria Elena Núñez

El Dr. Rafael Figueroa es un abogado que conozco hace años pues siempre me ha asesorado al igual que a otras personas con sus conferencias en los diferentes campos de su profesión, sirviendo de gran apoyo para la comunidad.

Jorge Gallego

Jorge GallegoConozco al Dr. Figueroa hace mucho tiempo y lo recomiendo como profesional en el área de inmigración.  Es una persona de gran calidad humana.

Sus colaboradores son muy amables en el trato y siempre dispuestos a servir a las personas en Union City, NJ.



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