Bankruptcy is about beginning a new chapter. It is about ending the harassing nightmares of debt collectors and putting the bad credit past behind you. Each person decision for filing bankruptcy is personal and reached for different reasons. Some have lost their job or have gone through a difficult physical or emotional period. Others have had business failures. Hospital stays or emergency visits can be very expensive. Medical bills can pile up drastically to many hundreds or thousands of dollars. It seems that there is nowhere to turn. Yet, there is. You can make a fresh start.

With Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can help you eliminate most or all of your personal debt while keeping almost all of your personal property. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, if you have a stable income, we can help you reorganize your debt and create a plan for you to repay all or part of the debt over a three to five-year period. All late mortgage instalments are included in this plan. Unsecured debts are usually paid off pennies on the dollar.